Lucky Passenger Captures Amazing Footage of the Northern Lights


38-year-old Anders Hanssen was onboard a budget Norwegian Air flight from Oslo to Tromso, Norway when he caught a glimpse of the brilliant Northern Lights right out his window.

An amateur photographer from Senja, Norway said that he’d always dreamed of filming the Aurora from a plane, and as he happened to know the pilots on this flight, they even let him sit up in the cockpit to get a better look of the colorful natural light show.

YouTube/CatersNewsAgency/Anders Hanssen

Called one of the best videos of the Aurora Borealis of all time, all it cost Hanssen was the price of a cheap flight.

Hanssen, who owns a local tourist company Visit Senja, remarked, “I was so lucky to capture the aurora while on a plane.

YouTube/CatersNewsAgency/Anders Hanssen

“I had the best view and it was like I was in heaven.”

“I think people love the Northern Lights because it can be such a mind-blowing experience when [you see] the whole sky change and colors flow, create patterns and change speed,” he added.

“I felt like I was in heaven because it was really nice to be inside the plane when the strong aurora came.”