Ever want to do a make-up tutorial with all the cool new products on the market? What if you let your dad do the voice over? This is exactly what 13 year old Megan Mitchel from California did. She was just creating a make-up channel for her family. It has hit every social media with over 30 million views just on facebook in just a couple of days.

Photo | buzzfeed.com

This video is one of the funniest make-up tutorials. The things that this dad says to describe what his daughter is doing are priceless. He describes that using Elf products are great because it comes from elves sweat.

In the beginning of the video, Megan asks her audience to forgive her for what her dad may say. Apparently her dad says the funniest things all the time. “So, when I first watched the video, I was just like, oh yeah, that’s my dad, whatever. So for other people to find it hilarious was super weird!” People just continue to love this video as they keep sharing it over and over for days.