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Every Turtle Featured In The “Planet Earth II” Segment Was Rescued

The @BBCEarth Twitter account reassured viewers that the baby turtles featured were all rescued with the help an organisation that saves lost hatchlings each night!

Sunday’s Planet Earth II featured an emotional moment where viewers saw hawksbill turtle hatchlings leaving their nests on a beach in Barbados, heading inland instead of into the sea.

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Why does this happen? Light pollution. The turtles are supposed to follow the light from the full moon to find the sea, but are confused and head in the wrong direction.

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As a result many turtles are killed each night by traffic or simply die from exhaustion.

Many also perish in storm drains.

The internet Started Freaking out and crying when they saw this….

luckily BBC Earth immediately tweeted that every turtle featured in the episode was rescued!



Planet Earth II worked with the Barbados Sea Turtle Project, which rescues turtles and releases them back into the sea during the hatching season.