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Little Scream has released a new song called ‘People’ this week. All proceeds from will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Planned Parenthood.

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Little Scream was created by Laurel Sprengelmeyer.  She studied verious instruments including piano and violin as a child. Eventually Sprengelmeyer moved to Montreal and connected with well-known Canadian musicians like Arcade Fire, Thee Silver Mt. Zion and The National. These bands all collaborated with her on her debut album.

Sprengelmeyer is also a visual artist. Each of her album covers include her art. Much of her paintings are featured on her albums.

Listen to it below. ‘People’ was originally recorded by Laurel Sprengelmeyer during sessions for Little Scream’s most recent album, Cult Following. Other artits like Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire is on the synth and Mark Wheaton on the drums. Check it out below.