Everyone has a to-do bucket list which might include seeing the Northern Lights. But have you ever considered seeing the lights while cuddling a wolf? Norway has such a park called Polar Park in which this dream is possible and uniquely different.

Polar Park is an animal wildlife sanctuary in which wolves are raised to succeed in the company of humans. They are considered social wolves. This type of wolf does not fear humans. Visitors can get close enough to touch them. You can even cuddle with them and maybe, just maybe, watch the Northern Lights.

Photo | Polar Park

Polar Park attraction educates visitors about the important value these animals have on our ecosystem and sends a message about wildlife preservation. Grey wolves are considered  “critically endangered” in the Norwegian Red List for Species. Norway only has around 68 wolves left. Their numbers are rapidly declining primarily because of the careless hunting practices.

Polar Park is one of the few places in the world where you can get a close encounter with one of the most fabled animals in Europe.


Photo | Polar Park

The park also has a luxurious wolf lodge built right in the middle of one of the wolf sanctuaries. The lodge has large windows that let you watch the wolves as they go about their business to give you a truly unique wilderness experience.

Although Polar Park is open year around,  Tromsø’s fantastical northern light displays are best seen from December to February from 6pm until around midnight. So grab your coats and watch the northern lights in Norway with the wolves. Can’t beat this experience!

Visit Polar Park Website for more information.

by: dancingdionna